The Clover Aero is the first piloted, three-seat eVTOL taxi designed for the new era of air mobility.
Efficient: The sleek aerodynamic fuselage, lifting wings and power struts have all been optimized to reduce the lift required from the rotors.
Quiet: With four large low-disk-load rotors, the Clover Aero is extremely quiet during every stage of flight, competing tilt-rotor solutions are much louder in comparison, particularly in hover,which will limit their acceptance and adoption for urban transport.
Safe: The Clover Aero is the only eVTOL with Auto Descent™ Technology, an emergency auto-rotative decent capability, providing a critical safety feature absent from the competition.
Economical: The 120 knot cruise speed, 100 mile range, over one hour of endurance and a quick 15-minute recharging time ensure the Clover Aero is the eVTOL for the new era of flight.  
Clover Aviation, Inc. partnered with Phil Frank Design, LLC for development of the initial concept vehicle. 
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