The Nike ONE 2022 Launch Edition was designed and developed based on the original concept from 2004 in an effort to honor the original "production" date of 2022. Every surface and every detail has been lovingly evolved to a level fitting the original design intent. 
The concept is the epitome of blue sky creative brand expression. A vehicle designed from the inside out around a human as the control and power unit. 
The Nike ONE 2022 was originally developed in 2004 in collaboration with Polyphony Digital for Gran Turismo 4 as the first VGT. It set the tone for all the other manufacturer concepts that came after it.
Industrial Design, Product Design, 3D CAD, Graphic Design
The driver clips into speed pedals and uses the large muscles of the legs to accelerate and decelerate, so the more the athlete trains the longer and better they can perform. 
The wheels are part of the motor assembly.
The hubless wheels have embedded stators as part of the electric motor assembly.
The entire underside of the carbon fiber chassis is part of the aerodynamic diffuser.
The rear wing is pneumatically articulated during high speed cornering and braking to help manage aerodynamic balance.
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