The Saleen S7 was designed to compete with the fastest, quickest, best handling and most luxurious grand touring cars in the world, while providing a distinctly American driving experience for the fortunate few who will own one.  Designed, engineered, certified, manufactured and marketed by Saleen, Inc., the S7 was conceived to combine the performance of a track-only race car with the driving pleasure of a road car. Working with some of the world’s most respected and technologically advanced automotive suppliers, the S7 went from concept to first customer delivery in just 18 months.
A true supercar, the Saleen S7 is capable of over 250 miles per hour. Zero-to-60 time is under four seconds. With its extreme ground effects engineering, at 160 mph the car can be driven upside down and maintain contact with the road.

The design and 3D CAD modeling of the exterior and interior was completed in record time. This was possible by using the computer modeling tools in Rhino3D to model and analyze the quality of the surfaces, instead of using the labor intensive and time consuming process of traditional clay modeling and prototyping. 
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