The Factory Five F9R is a two seat build-it-yourself sports car developed with the latest generation space frame chassis. Sub 2,400 lbs. target vehicle weight, 104″ wheelbase, 78″ body width and 46″ overall height. Full carbon fiber body. Production start estimate Q1 2021

The design and 3D CAD modeling of the A-surface exterior and B-surfaces such as door jams, bonnet inner, cowl, etc was completed in just under six months once a final design direction was solidified. This was possible by using the computer modeling tools in Rhino3D to model and analyze the quality of the surfaces, instead of using the labor intensive and time consuming process of traditional clay modeling and prototyping. 
Automotive Design, Product Design, 3D CAD, Graphic Design
All production exterior A-Surfaces, trim, lamps, flanges, door inners, door jams, bonnet inner and full interior were developed and executed in Rhino 6.0 
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